Craig Howes
Craig Howes is a self-taught professional photographer and filmmaker from Cape Town. He is arguably one of South Africa's most well-known Instagrammers and the founder of one of South Africa's leading Instagram and content creation agencies, SoCoMunity. He's travelled to over 30 countries creating unique and authentic content, specialising in lifestyle and travel.
Ramón, our 2017 True Wanderer winner, is a Cape Town based photographer who is passionate about the outdoors. Whether it be the mountains or gritty urban environments, he is always up for an adventure and the unknown.
Mike Eloff is a South African writer, adventure and photographer. Nature, wildlife and great landscapes are some of the things that he is passionate about. Mike prides himself on living a life of adventure.
Dane Forman is a South African explorer and photographer who is passionate about sunsets, travel, nature and adventure.