About us

True Wanderer by Wrangler is a thirst for adventure, a search for self, and a tribute to the open road. It is an experience of a lifetime for the top 15 finalists who will embark on an epic journey to discover unique perspectives, explore new cultures, and rediscover themselves. Whether it’s seeking a new destination or escaping the 9-to-5, the True Wanderer 2017 challenge is for all those who #Live2Wander.

This year, the challenge is larger than ever. Everyone with the True Wanderer spirit is invited to join the journey. So pack your bags and take the unexpected route. The road is yours.

The Top 15 of finalists

From the thousands who applied, 15 finalists have been chosen to embark on the True Wanderer journey. These True Wanderers will get to go on a journey of their choice anywhere in Thailand, where they will follow the road and their calling. The finalists will also receive Wrangler goodies to get them ready to #Live2Wander. During the course of their journey, the finalists will face numerous challenges such as #TrueCulture, #TrueNature, #TrueCapture, #TrueFoodie, #TruePeople, & #TrueDenim.

The amazing experiences of these wanderers will be captured in their Wander Diaries on the Wrangler website, where their friends and followers can go check out their adventures and vote for them. The top 3 contenders, based on votes and the scores from our elite judging panel, will go on to win trips to Grand Canyon, USA; or to win Pocket money 20,000 baht each.