Shape Keeper

Embrace Your Shape

Jeans to suit your body and your life aren't a myth. They’re real, they're comfortable and they're also stylish. With fits that visually slim, elongate or accentuate your silhouette.

You call them the ultimate denim companion. We call them Shape Keepers.


Slimming Shape Keepers visually tone and trim down your silhouette.

They're made for the active modern woman who believes in bringing her A game whenever she steps out.


Contouring Shape Keepers give your bottom a little boost and accentuate your natural shape.

Show off your curves to the world and have a bit of fun with your figure.


Elongating Shape Keepers make your legs look like they start higher, thereby visually lengthening the lower body.

Give yourself a catwalk model strut and the confidence to take on any challenge!