Shape Keeper

Shape a Better You

Versatile, stylish and suited to your lifestyle. Shape Keepers are the ultimate denim companion.

Now with our ever-popular contouring, slimming and elongating fits, dressing to impress has never been easier.


Beginning with our popular Contouring Shape Keepers, which give your bottom a little boost by way of an inverted riser or space-reducing panel.

Making them the perfect jeans for when you’d like to accentuate your natural curves and cut a self- assured look.


Slimming Shape Keepers also make an anticipated comeback. Designed to sculpt and trim down your figure by using an additional side dart that runs from hip to thigh.

They're ideally suited to women who want to tone down their silhouette to achieve a slim and sophisticated aesthetic.


If you want catwalk model legs without having to hit the runway, then our Elongating Shape Keepers are sure to be your new favourites.

Featuring an extended side dart that begins at the hips and ends at your heels. These jeans will visually lengthen your lower body, giving you a desirable long-legged look.