beautiful sunrise or sunset

Challenge 8

This is the final challenge for this contest. After so many challenges I made it to the end and I was given a chance to show who I am really are. Each challenge makes me become more adventurer. So here's the last challenge to show how beautiful sunrise or sunset. As a True Wanderer, it's also to nice to watch how the sun goes up and how the sun goes down since it is one of the exciting view that you cannot see everyday of your life. So here I took a photo of my self as part of my road trip on a sunset moment. I find this as an interesting one and also it has a nice background that not all people can see everyday. So this is the last journey of my challenge as a #TrueWanderer. I visited so many places, I traveled and took some photos of nice views as well as took the time to taste the delacies of each places i visited. For me this is the real True Wanderer to explore and to discover what nature and human beings can offer. smile emoticon

Lasting Memory

Challenge 7

Challenge #7 = Lasting Memory =

As a challenger it is nice to share also who are we as an individual. I, myself is a simple person who loves nature. I love adventure since my goal in life is to travel the whole Philippines. I am a nature lover as well as seeing the famous historical places in different Provinces. I love to travel, because i want to learn about different cultures and languages around the Philippines. So here I took a photo of myself in one of the nicest place in my journey. And this the most memorable place for me. This is me, i am a
this is who I am. Life is too short. Enjoy the moment because you only live once. Enjoy everything, and enjoy Life. That's why i love to travel, because the true essence of travelling is not only to enjoy other cultures, but to learn and to acquire knowledge. smile emoticon - Philippines
Jayson Rosero Caballero

Local Delicacies of Phillipines

Challenge 6

= Pit Stop =
As part of my journey, it is also important to know what Philippines can offer them most, specially the local delicacies in different provinces, so i took a photo of the place were I stop for a while to dine. I ate their special CONGEE and the sumptuous IHAW IHAW and the famous KWEK KWEK. This is the best part of traveling you can discover foods in the places that you visit or pass by. -Philippines


Jayson Rosero Caballero"

Road Less Travelled

Challenge 5

Challenge #5
= Road Less Travelled =

As part of my road trip as a wanderer I also considered taking short cuts for my travel adventure and also to save time, But this time i took the Tigaon way since this is my favourite road simply because it is quite and not too polluted to other vehicles since its not a common highway to take. It will also give you nice view while you travel. - Philippines #offroad
Jayson Rosero Caballero

My road trip again

Challenge 4

I took this photo in Tagaytay Philippines where I stop for a while to rest before starting my road trip again. I spotted on this photo the view of Taal Volcano and also the beauty of nature at picnic grove. Its amazing that you can feel the cold breeze of the wind when your here and also to try their sumptuous food mostly the famous bulalo. - Philippines

Pack my bag!

Challenge 3

Pack my bag!

For an anventurous like me this is my packlight. I bring Camera, phone, a map of course , a watch , a jacket, wallet, money, shirt, pants , portable tent also for an emergency purposes, also bring books like a bible most importantly i never leave home without my Rosary. This is my protection especially during travels. Because for me it's my strength and life. Feels God's presence is always present on me. Every time i travel i always be with me and i feel that God close to me wherever i go.. #TrueWanderer #packlight


Challenge 2

I choose my dream trip vacation within my beloved country Philippines, simply because at my age there are still places that i haven't seen yet and of course i want to explore and learn their different culture as a Filipino citizen it is better to know first your own country rather than travel in the other country. Just like the motto of every Filipino " IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES ". #roadtrip #TrueWanderer #TeamPhomzkie

Our Strengths

Challenge 1

The #TrueWanderer is a god fearing before you go, before you start for an adventure go to church and ask for guidance, because God is everything, he's our ways, our protector, our shields, and most of all our strengths.. that is a true wanderer for me.