Hold the drink & let time pass by

Challenge 8

#SUNRISESUNSET - Hold the drink and let time pass by. At times you don't need the world around you but just a calm moment to sit back and enjoy the creators master piece. Living with the nature around you. Welcoming new day or bidding goodbye to the day gone by. Things done and left undone. My life has become a book of numerous tales of my travel. A summary of how I have matured as a TrueWanderer.
Deepak Gupta


Challenge 7

TRUESELF - Life's a book and those who don't travel read only one page. My CURIOUS mind and my association with WRANGLER and TRUEWANDERERS has taken me to different terrains giving me opportunity to learn and grow with it. I take this opportunity to mark my gratitude and a million thanks to the team behind for opening new horizons to many curious riders like me.#Trueself #Truewanderer Deepak Gupta

Delighting in Local Eateries

Challenge 6

PIT STOP - For a truewanderer Travel is not just crossing a place rather it's all about living it. My trips are miles away from lavish and comfortable stays and is usually confined to homestays And in case that's not possible than a lonely and safe place to pitch in my tent. My idea is living a place like locals do and what better than eating local delicacies. Local eateries have my heart and I can't leave a town without having my hands onto some of the local flavours. This was clicked in Jubbal ( Himachal pradesh ) when I stopped to ask for route from a local and his recommendation got me some of the spiciest chanas and local fruit I've have had.
Deepak Gupta

Break boundaries

Challenge 5

If we know exactly where we are going, exactly how to get there and exactly what we'll see along the way, we won't learn anything. Break boundaries and take road less travelled and if this doesn't excite you then make your own roads. This photo is like an accomplishment for me and what makes it special is the win on myself. Situations wherein my mind asked me to quit and move back while my heart always pounced me to go ahead and see what most can't even imagine. The temp was -10 during the day and the only thing I did was riding without crossing even a single soul till Kaza. Here's presenting White Spiti for my friends.
Deepak Gupta

New Horizons

Challenge 4

The only time a true wanderer feels at home is when he's under the open skies in search of new horizons. Need for moksha took me to the place I call home - Spiti. Half a dozen visits to this place and every time the valley welcomes me with new flavours. And as usual my companion - Wrangler ensured that I stay in best of my comfort. #Thatsthespot #Truewanderer Deepak Gupta#spiti #Frozenwaterfall #incredibleview#wrangler #Mallingnala #Dhankarlake

Best ride companion

Challenge 3

Feel is when you and your ride goes like one. With über talented Wrangler the riders no longer have to worry about what gears to carry. A visit to the store and all that's on your mind gets traced as the best ride companion. #WranglerLove #PACKLIGHT #Truewanderer Deepak Gupta #wranglerdenims #TRUEWANDERER #Wranglerbikepack #Sunshielddenim #Wranglerusbkey #wrangler

One India

Challenge 2

Dream ride - One India

Indian diversity makes INDIA exotic and unity in diversity makes India incredible. It's quite impossible to pick one place as favourite so here's my listing for the best place to be.#ROADTRIP #TRUEWANDERER #Wrangler#Truewanderer #Roadtrip Deepak Gupta

Be your best

Challenge 1

Wrangler because you need to be your best when you step out to face the unexplored. #Truewanderer #UltimateDenim