Challenge 8

Sunset become the sign that the world had giving up a while its tired joy to the eventide.
By temporal end upon a redundance journey, burdened the dusk does not.
As the shores withstand its longed memory on the clod of corals, of which soaring in harmony to the whisper of the sands.
Me and my steel horse were standing there. Not to defy, yet to inhale the peace from the wisdom of expectation.
The road is still long, more challenges still wringgling, yet the fiery spirit still blazing. Sunset, Vespa, Shores, and Twilight will always ignite the heartbeats.



Dadang Kusuma Wira Saputra"

Vespa Lane Memory

Challenge 7

"Vespa Lane Memory
This memory will last forever throughout my whole journey of riding Vespa. It's a no brainer, since I made it to the top by conquering Wrangler True Wanderer Indonesia six months before. But, my true journey has been started since seven years ago. Wonderful stories crafted briefly on the road but last for eternity. ""Bluekutuk"", its nickname, a 1964 Vespa VBB, jumped into the water of a well known tourism site in Central Java, Indonesia. The both of us experienced a heart-pounding challenges, pressures, that has led us to break a sweat in creating creativity. That extraordinary moment defines the meaning of a struggle to me: we all need partner to struggle, to conquer, that no such thing as a single fighter will lead us to the true success. Viva La Vespa!!!
Dadang Kusuma Wira Saputra"

Delicious, Tender, and Juicy Satay

Challenge 6

" Delicious, Tender, and Juicy Satay
This is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. Made from chicken, beef, or lamb, satay is a perfect choice for lunch or dinner. These amazing chunks of meat prepared on skewers made from coconut palm frond or bamboo uses grilled techniques over wood or charcoal fire. The grilled meat meets the delicious peanut sauce, giving you a perfect original dish. But not only peanut, sweet soy sauce is a perfect match for this local cuisine. Pickles consist of slices of shallot, cucumber, and chili complements the culinary journey.This Indonesian dish which is also known worldwide is best served with warm white rice and rice cake
Dadang Kusuma Wira Saputra"

A cure for my soul

Challenge 5


Located between Brebes and Purwokerto, this beautiful area was an alternative way to Yogyakarta that I passed on my Wrangler True Wanderer Indonesia adventure on May 2015. I was pampered by suburban green scenery, the fresh air and the beautiful line of Pemali river. The river was not only functioned as water source for rice fields, but also for cows spread on the field trying to cure their thirst by drinking some drops of its fresh water. I even mesmerized by how nature combined with the people. In every riding rest area, a sincere smile from the hardworking onion farmers and salted egg sellers warmed our hearts. Sometimes, just sometimes, majestic hills forming into perfect curvy lines accompanied us along the way. There is no much challenge faced along the journey, but for me, this is a cure for my soul, and it was all worth it.

Dadang Kusuma Wira Saputra

Enjoy the moment

Challenge 4

Salt Life

Feel the wind breeze, sand on your barefoot and taste the salt water. Let your soul flies with the thrill of waves. Lean on your bike and enjoy the moment with some new pals Dadang Kusuma Wira Saputra #TrueWanderer #Thatsthespot

A challenging journey

Challenge 3

A true wanderer would be able to prepare stuffs for his journey within a blink of an eye. On this Wrangler Ultimate True Wanderer journey, I filled my Wrangler Bike Packs with my ultimate belongings, such as smartphone and power bank, sunglasses, GPS, flashlight, passport, dictionaries, laptop, tire repair kit, pocket knife, and DSLR Camera. I also bring first aid kit, just in case my journey gets somewhere between dangerous and challenging along the way. A pair or Wrangler jeans and t-shirt completes my performance during the journey. Now I'm ready to push the pedal to the metal!

A Long Journey To Homeland

Challenge 2

I called it "A Long Journey To Homeland" riding map

My dream journey is to stroll my Vespa to its birthplace in Italy, across 13 Asian and European countries. First country that I'm going to explore is Cambodia with its historic site which is also serve as the icon of the country, the Phnom Penh Palace. From there, I'll ride straight up to Thailand to taste its world renowned Phi Phi Island. At the same time, while enjoying the mind-blowing beaches, I'll hangout with Wrangler True Wanderer Thailand to share the journey. I'll hop to Bagan, the city of temples, to embrace firsthand experience of gazing to the richest archeological site in Southeast Asia. Then, my Vespa will take me to explore the unique culture of Bengali tribe in Bangladesh to the astounding Taj Mahal in India. After spending some time with Wrangler True Wanderer India, I'll go down to Lahore, the second biggest city in Pakistan, where I get to continue my journey and pray inside Imam Square Iran and Blue Mosque Turkey. I'll immerse myself in nature while riding through Rila National Park, the largest protected area in Bulgaria and Transfagarasan twisting track in Romania. Almost there, I'll ride along Hortobagy, Europe's largest savannah in Hungary and take a break at the well-known clean and neat city, Hallstatt Village, Austria. At last, in Italy, I'll wrap up the journey by giving my beloved Vespa to Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, Italia. This life-changing journey will absolutely full of awesomeness and surprises.

#RoadTrip #TrueWanderer Dadang Kusuma Wira Saputra

Discovering Destinations

Challenge 1

Vespa; Classic. Unique. Timeless.
Wrangler; Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

It’s a perfect fit for elevating real riding experience to uplift challenge in discovering destinations which hold astonishing kinds of culture and awesome scenery. Pushing The Vacancy Exploration as an obsolete motto, My Vespa and Wrangler are the two top notch combinations of lifestyle and fashion which mirrors the easy, comfortable, yet tough sides of riders to conquer challenge after challenge in riding and revealing new friend in each journey. Destinations, Challenges, and Friends paint new colors of living a life on the road. The journey always begins and never ends. Just ride and share along anywhere.